Шаблон джумла с флеш меню

Verify installation Go from tab ‘Install’ to tab ‘Manage’, set the ‘Type’ filter to ‘Template’. The installed template should appear in the list. If it does, the template is properly installed. Скачать Резиновый шаблон Your House для Joomla 2.5, который совместим с версиями 1.6 и 1.7. Шаблон бесплатный, 100% резиновый. You now see the page «Template: [ Edit style] «, and go to the section «Menu Assignment» block and choose the menu items on which the style should be shown. Screenshots Reviews from JED Great module and great supportEasy to install it and easy to use. You can use those images up front or use your own by copying the image path to the image field.

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