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Some cartoon images have been included to help kids visualize the objects they are writing. Each template has been saved as a letter sized pdf, making it easy to download and print. [Back] [Alphabet Recognition Games] [Consonants] [Dolch Word Lists] [Phonics] [Poetry Projects] [Pre-Printing Practice] [Reading] [Tracer Pages] [Vowels] [Writing] [Age Rating] [Introduction] [Printable Worksheets] All children develop as individuals. $34.49 per teacher annually Shop Now Blank Page (with guidelines) x x Blank Page (no guidelines) x x Spelling x x Story x Vocabulary x x Teacher Templates (Class Chart, Certificate, etc.) x x Multi-page documents x Add images to Story template x Save and edit x. Not Good with Thin Marker/Pen Remember how I said I also used the ultra fine tip of my Sharpie?

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